Synthesis method and application of o-phenylphenol

Synthesis method and application of o-phenylphenol

Background and overview

Ortho-phenylphenol (OPP for short) is an organic chemical product with a wide range of uses. It is widely used in sterilization and anticorrosion, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and surfactants, synthetic new plastics, resins and polymer materials stabilizers and flame retardants, etc. field. OPP and its sodium salt have broad-spectrum bactericidal and mildew-removing capabilities, low toxicity and tasteless, and are good preservatives. They can be used to prevent mildew and fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables, especially for citrus mildew, and can also be used to treat lemons. , Pineapple, pears, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., can minimize rot. OPP and its sodium salt can be used in cosmetics, wood, leather, fiber and paper as a preservative and bactericide. OPP and its water-soluble sodium salt can be used as a dye carrier for polyester fibers, and also as a carrier for dyeing with a carrier such as polyvinyl chloride and polyester. By replacing phenol with OPP, a new phenolic resin can be synthesized. This new resin has high thermal stability and low water absorption, and can be used to prepare paints with excellent water and alkali stability.


The use of o-phenylphenol in high concentrations is suitable for inhibiting the growth of fungi (fungicide) or even for killing fungi (fungicide). CN200580026288 discloses the application of o-phenylphenol and/or its derivatives for inhibiting the asexual reproduction of fungi, and also relates to filter media, adhesives, building materials, construction accessories, fabrics containing o-phenylphenol and/or its derivatives , Fur, paper, leather or leather products, as well as detergents, cleaning agents, rinsing agents, hand detergents, manual dishwashing agents, automatic dishwashing agents, and used for finishing building materials, construction accessories, fabrics, fur, paper , Leather or leather products reagents, etc.